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Ninkipal Co., Ltd. is an authorized agent of nearly all major used car auction houses in Japan.pan.

 Some of the major auctions we are a member of include: USS, CAA, HAA, TAA, Bay Auc, Aucnet, JAA. We can also handle the purchasing of vehicles in all other auctions as we have authorized agengs that can purchase on our behalf elsewhere.We can assist you to purchase / export used-vehicles from the car auction directly.

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Company Name : Ninkipal Co., Ltd.

Year Founded / Established : 2011

Address:  Kanagawa-Ken Yohomaha City, Minami-ku Bessho 1-3-14 ,Sky Haime 204 ,Japan  232-0064

Tel:  +81-45-334-8238

Operating hours:  9am-6pm, Monday-Friday

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