How To Get Your Credit Score Without Paying Anything For It

If you are looking forward to getting your credit score with your annual report, then you may be sadly mistaken. It is because none of the three credit score bureaus approved by the government sends your credit scores along with your annual credit report. Without these scores, you can do nothing on getting loans or agreeing to any changes to interest rates for the mortgage loans. None of the financial institutions including banks and private lenders would think that you are eligible to get any loan until you show them your credit scores. 

This problem has been solved by some of the online sites which have started providing free credit scores when you register with them. You can get one credit out of the three credit scores that are held by the three credit bureaus. You can get to monitor the bureau from which you got the credit score to see whether any unauthorized activity is going on with your credit information. And you get all this for free and for unlimited durations. Still another online site offers access to all three credit scores and the option to monitor all three credit bureaus as a seven day trial version. To continue with the facility, you have to register with the site after seven days. 

The biggest advantage offered by these sites that you do not have to divulge any personal information or any credit card information to the sites. You can get access to your free credit score instantly without paying anything for it. You can monitor all three credit bureaus for any Identity Theft that may have occurred. You can take immediate steps to stop all unauthorized activity immediately. Normally, all these facilities are not provided by the credit bureaus to any credit card holder or those who have taken any credit loan. You have to pay a monthly subscription to the credit bureaus to get all this information which is so vital to you for your well being.

You may be surprised why these online sites are providing all these services free of cost when they could have easily charged for them. The secret lies in the fact that they are giving you the service for free but charging the financial institutions and the banks instead. They are charging them for the advertisements that the financial institutions would like to give by placing them in their web site. In fact the online sites are making much more profit from the banks that they could have possibly made by charging you.

Another facility that is being provided by online sites is that you can get all the three credit reports which will have your credit scores mentioned in them. Not only that, you will come to know very well if there has been some unscrupulous activity by anybody when you get this credit score. The information about such shady deals will be sent to you automatically so that you can take immediate steps to rectify the problem. The days of nail biting tension about applying for loans are forever over thanks to these online sites.



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