How To Become A Driving Instructor In The United Kingdom

How To Become A Driving Instructor In The United Kingdom


You have done all the three qualifying tests to become a driving instructor in UK.  Theory test completed, driving standard assessment checked, and you've just passed the ADI Part 3, and a really keen to showcase your green badge of honour.

After training to become a driving instructor, newly qualified driver trainers need a steady stream of pupils to teach how to drive. It is not enough to qualify as a driving instructor, ADIs and PDIs alike need to earn their keep.

Driving Instructor Vacancies in UK

There are currently over 42,000 driving instructor vacancies in UK. Going by the recent 2.6 drop the 12 months to June, 2014, there is a vacancy across the UK for about ten thousand of driving instructors. Professional driving instructors, including potential driving instructors, commonly referred to in the business of driver training as PDIs need not look too far for franchise opportunities. Driving schools are looking to fill their books with hard working ADIs.

Most of the bigger brand traditional driving school schools offer a promising career as a driving instructor with income that seems too good to be true. If there were far less driving instructors the income avowed would be easy to attain. There was an explosion of driving instructor training just before the economy took a tumble in 2007, a trend that continued unchecked for three years. So when things came to a head, BSM went under, with the AA singing victorious. The driving instructor college, which had unparalleled success for 5 years suddenly faced a near death experience with their Barclays finance dried up overnight. The company went into frenzied overdrive, closing down dozens of driver training centres, merging the most profitable of offices. But thanks to some city investors with deeper pockets, the fastest growing driving school franchise was brought back from the brinks of liquidation.

Driving Schools with ADI Vacancies

Speaking with one of UK's newer generation driving school proprietors, Jon Matthews sees an industry in decline for oversized driving schools. The driver-training market is full of bargain hunting learner drivers, ironically influenced by the aggressive marketing practice of the same group.

Smaller driving schools, with regional focus on local driving instructors are using cost effective and cleverer marketing strategies to drive customers their way, rather than the money laden approach used by the former. You'll hardly see smaller driving schools taking out broadcast slots on radio or television. You'll rarely see them advertising on google and other highly sought platforms. But somehow, they thrive like never before, and business is getting better for smaller driving schools.

Driving School Franchise Opportunities

So big driving schools are shrinking their operations. Smaller and more dynamic driving school franchises are emerging from local bases and filling their books, even placing pupils on waiting lists. With lower franchise fees, and a more personalised touch, newly qualified driver trainers couldn't find a better time to become a driving instructor in UK.

Registered driving instructors vacancies in UK abound for those not quite ready with the experience, or funds to go it alone. Registered instructors with the DVSA, can therefore take advantage of better driving school franchise deals with fairer contract terms and shorter notice periods.

Do you want to become a UK driving instructor? Jon Matthews Driving School is now has driving instructor vacancies in UK for better deals on driving school franchises.


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