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Expandable cards are usually used for adding certain extra functions to your CCTV and computer systems. These expandable cards are usually in the form of printed circuit boards and are known as PCBs. These expandable cards are usually fitted into the preset expansion slots in any computer or cctv system. All PCBs are available in the market in primarily two varieties – namely internal and external. Internal PCBs are a perfect fit for any expansion slot of any computer system, whereas external PCBs have to be connected to the system with the help of a cable. There has always been a debate regarding which one is more beneficial, but such a debate produces no proper answers.

These expandable cards were first launched to transform a simple home computer into a security hub for an intricate CCTV system. Video recording devices or CCTV systems are gaining a heavy amount of popularity in the IT market, and more and more variants are being made available to average everyday customers.

For each and every CCTV surveillance system, compression technique is an everyday necessity that is primarily used to reduce video size in a way that there is no compromise with the quality of the video. hikvision españa PCBs are usually used to reduce the size of the video by means of compression, while also making sure that the quality remains exactly the same. There are several PCBs available in the IT market, but it is vital that a technician purchases the right hardware in order to get the finest end result.

If a person wishes to distribute surveillance videos on to slower systems like mobile and handheld devices, MJPEG would be the primary solution here, which is provided by Hikvision PCBs. The consumption of space will be much less on your system and the resultant video will of a good quality in a properly compressed format. These surveillance videos can quite easily be downloaded on USB drives, which can help you to clear lots of space on your hard drive. The Hikvision 4008HCI 8 Ch PCB is perfect for this kind of intricate digital work. The hardware is available with appropriate software that is both user-friendly and effective in nature. The software can also be used to review past surveillance recordings.

Before you make any choice in terms of surveillance hardware, always keep the compression quality factor in mind, or else it will be a complete waste of your time and money. Always buy hikvision españa products in order to get the best results from the hardware choice you make. This will be a good investment on your part, which will give high ROIs.

A CCTV surveillance system works effectively only if the hardware and software are effective and compatible. It all works like the cogs of a machine – if one cog is out of place, then the entire machine fails. So always buy compatible software for using with your surveillance hardware. Make a smart choice and upgrade the security systems of your building in the best possible way.



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