Hidden Secrets Associated With The Most Popular Defense Protection Devise – The Defense Sprays

The surroundings are becoming violent day by day due to which the lives of mankind is becoming risky. But that does not mean that nobody will be coming out of house or include bodyguards whenever going outside the house. Instead it is high time to take extra precaution in order to stay safe and secured in this turbulent environment.

Human Life – Prone to Danger

Especially the lives of women are prone to danger as they hold high chances of becoming prey to any inhuman acts like teasing. As they hold a fragile image, they hold some more chance to become the bait of sadists. Safety alarms, security guards and hidden cameras also fail in some cases.  As crimes may take place anytime anywhere, self defense must be considered to be a mandatory tool for everyone.

There are a number of self defense protection devices available and introduced into the market on a regular basis. They have proved to be of immense help in providing due protection to oneself rather than being dependant on anybody else. By utilizing these devices, you can easily protect yourself and feel secured enough while hovering all around.

Points to be Kept in Due Consideration Regarding Self Defense Devices

Among all the devices, usage of self defense sprays is becoming very much common. They are easy to use and hard to identify the culprit. But how to know which one is the most suitable one among all available in the market? In order to judge the best, some important points to be kept in due considerations include the following:  

  • Potency of the spray applied – In order to get detailed ideas regarding potency of the spray, it is recommended to look after the packaging details of the product. The description regarding the product can be easily   read online thoroughly. A high percent of any component does not imply an effective product. Two ways to be considered while rating of self defense sprays; firstly the percentage of Oleoresin Capsicum into the product and secondly is the amount of Scoville Heat Unit. These particular measurements will make the attacker feel attacked.  Lastly, the spray must piss off the attacker rather harming seriously. 
  • Lasting of the spray – Each and every product holds a particular date of expiry. It s believed that the potency gets lost as the time passes. In such cases, the product must be replaced on a regular basis. If you have been carrying a particular spray for a long time, it is high time to replace the same by a new one. While purchasing a pepper spray, it is better to look after the date of expiry.
  • Spray Pattern – Some of the most commonly spray patterns included in self defense sprays are foam, cone, stream and fog.  These sprays can be used maximum up to a certain distance as each and every type holds some accuracy along with advantage. The fog spray is the most recommended ones as they are highly effective as they get absorbed into the eyes and nose of attacker.
  • Size of the Canister – It is best to use spray which holds small sized canister as they are easily portable. Carrying of large canister sized is just wastage of money as it will become a luggage itself.





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