Healthy Sleep For A Healthy Life

Modern day man has got very busy in earning money. His daily schedule consists of job, job and job. He seldom thinks of anything else than earning money. Not only the lust of money, but the lust of success in studies, in sports, and in music can also be very dangerous. This mostly results in depression and subsequently in sleeplessness. This article is for those who have lost their sleep due to various reasons. So, without beating about the bush let us try to go deep down the concept and remedies of sleeplessness.


  • Causes of sleeplessness: There could be many contributive factors responsible for sleepless nights. Some of the factors include depression regarding success, money and family affairs. Regular tension coming to your mind could lead to sleeplessness and subsequently to a danger of heart attack. According to a research, most of those people reported a loss in sleep that worried about their future constantly. Some incidents like family trauma can also lead you to no sleep. Accidents, sudden incidents and other mishaps could lead you to a state of sleeplessness. A death of family member or a close friend would lead other people in shock and in sleeplessness for some days. For businessmen, this disease is a part of their activity because they never enjoy a sound sleep.
  • Appearance of a sleep deprived man: A man who is having sleep deprivation would look a little bit different from the others. His face would not be as fresh as usual. The eyes would appear swollen and sometimes dark circles start appearing in the eyes. His attitude is also a little saggy. He walks a little slower than others, always lost in his own world, usually thinking about the present concerns of his life. A sudden change in attitude of than man can make you believe that he is sleep deprived. His clothing is also a little different than others, like shirt not ironed, shoes not polished etc.
  • Remedies: There can be many remedies regarding this context. The first and foremost thing you can do to avoid this problem is self control of the mind. If you could control your mind properly then you could do anything. But as nobody can have full control over his brain, it is practically impossible to avert depression. Fortunately, there are psychologists who could fill your brain with a different energy which can change your way of thinking. But there is a problem with the psychology too. Not many people can be treated with the psychiatrists so it becomes a problem for them. The third and most important option is the sleep education. There are sleep experts who know how to control a sleep deprived man. The institutions are run by the professionals where every aspect of having a sound and healthy sleep is taught to you. People who took admission in these institutes showed positive signs after some weeks. For more information in this subject, you can consult your doctor or search the internet.



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