Hair Extension Should Be The Best Way To Replacing The Harmful Hair Perm

Perm has gradually become the part of each people life habit as the beautiful perm could exude great charm and have many different kind of style could be chosen by people. The popular styles include the hot plasma, hot ceramic, hot weightlessness, spiral perm and so a variety of innovative technology perms. However, most of people should do not have good understanding about that the perm chemicals ingredients have a lot of damage to people healthy and hair quality. That is why more and more widely people determine to choose the micro loop hair to replace the hair perm. Now, please read the article following to know more information about the damage of hair perm.

The frequently hair perm could easily cause into the acute diffuse alopecia which is also known as" alopecia areata".  This situation could be regarded as the large area hair loss and the hair is easy to cut off from the intermediate position;

The long period of hair perm will make the hair easier to dry without any shine. Basic ingredients and oxidation in the perm liquid could be result in the destruction of the hair surface scales and do greatly harm to the hair quality, scalp and hair follicles. So, the internal structure of the hair will be unprotected and water and nutrients inside hair will loss easily.

Thirdly, the pregnant women should not have perm as the hair perm will easily affect fetal health. So, each pre mother should carefully remember this point.

On the other hand, the perm syrup is easy to make the body produce allergic reactions. This situation is particularly obviously for those allergy persons.

The hair quality decreasing is only small problem and the seriously problem is that the badly chemical substance will cause into people¡¯s health problems even the cancer. In that case, choosing one set of your favorite extensions or Hair weave should be the best way to change the hair style without any health problems.

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