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Enjoying the views and the calm atmosphere in Broummana, a peaceful village in Mount Lebanon. This is an astonishing perspective of a camel riders riding and controlling the camels with bright Saddles. The UAE's climate turned out to be more devastate around this time, and the camel has conveyed a method for transport over the desert from that point onward. The camels have the capacity to make due for a few days without water and to get sustenance from scanty desert vegetation, furthermore capable of accomplishments of extraordinary tolerance, the camel rightly got to be known as the 'boat of the desert'.
All through the history, camels served as a productive and compelling transport framework, notwithstanding its significance regarded as a reliable wellspring of nourishment and milk. The camel is recognized as the boat and even life saver of the desert. It has been viewed as an image of UAE's pride and thriving. Bedouins even gave it as a lady's endowment.
Truth be told, Emirati's nexus with camels is long-standing, and the Racing Festival is just one of the numerous occasions that have been sorted out to respect the nation's interesting society and way of life. Dubai is surely understood for customary touch, extravagance shopping, attraction inns, and ultramodern building design. Dubai, with a range of 3,885 square kilometers, is the second biggest emirate in the UAE.

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