Graphite Parts Are Extensively Used In Modern Applications

Graphite is a chemical element of carbon. Graphite in the natural form is mostly used for various purposes. These can be for steelmaking, in refractories, for making brake linings, and lubricants, foundry facings and expanded graphite. Graphite is so extensively used because it contains Graphene. The most important physical properties of Graphene is that it is one of the strongest substances in the world. However, using the same can be tricky since it requires strong technological development. This material can also be used with other metals to improve its usage in both household and commercial usage.

Common industrial application of graphite

Other than being strong and durable, graphite is also known for its highly unreactive nature. As a result, it offers high resistance to alkaline, acidic and all other types of reactive chemical substances. Therefore, graphite mould is used in industries where there is use of different types of corrosive substances. Like, it comes in handy in usage of the electrolysis process or the purification procedure. It can also be used to separate various kinds of reactive substances. This material is also fast replacing the copper and aluminum tapes in high voltage cables to save it from any type of electromagnetic appliances. Graphene may also be able to replace silicon in computers.

Refractory use of graphite

In addition to being anti-corrosive, it is also known for its refractory factor. And it’s been years since which this element has been used in various factories. It also has various other beneficial properties like that of resistance to oxidation and thermal shock. So, graphite parts or flakes of this material are highly used in a blast furnace, oxygen furnace and electric arc furnace. The hard bricks infused with graphite are used for constructing the tools used in furnaces. Thus, in many cases it is also used in batteries and nuclear reactors. Another important industry where it is used is the aircraft industry since it is hard and durable.

Self lubricating element

It is also known for its self-lubricating feature. Therefore, it is used to make various kinds of graphite seals like in machineries. These sealing products can be in the form of rings and sheets to improve static sealings. In some cases, it can also be used along with steel sheets to improve the durability. It is always used in oil free lubrication areas and in high-temperature settings. More and more number of companies are starting to use this element to improve the manner in which the sealing procedures were being accomplished.

Other kinds of usage


This material is also used in various other fields. The C/C composites along with the graphite dies and carbon are hugely used to make graphite heaters. This machine can be used to accomplish optical fiber processing. It can also be used as a graphite rotator for the purpose of purifying molten aluminium. Another field, where it is being used, is processing of silicon and the part used is in the form of contactors. It is also available at a low cost and so is commonly used in different types of manufacturing corporations.






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