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Italian food is said to be more than food, and it has a way nourishing the body in a great way. This is why most people work tirelessly to find Italian restaurant Croydon. There are so many delicacies that are part of the Italian cuisine. Some of the common Italian foods include pasta, preserves, soups, sauces, roasts and risottos among others. If you are looking for an Italian restaurant Croydon, then you should make your way to Aqua Mediterranean Meze Bar and Grill.


Top Experience


In this Italian restaurant Croydon, you will find mouth-watering dishes, which are a combination of simple and fresh ingredients. There is so much love and creativity that goes into creating these cuisines. The main reason why it stands out is due to the great wealth of experience of the founders, Darion Nardo and Dasos Charalambous. The two chefs had garnered a whole lot of experience working in the best hotels in London. With their combined experience they chose to open their own Italian restaurant Croydon. This is a place where you will find quality Italian food, at affordable prices.


Surprisingly, there is nothing complicated on the menu; just simple food that is cooked with a whole lot of creativity and presented in a stunning manner. This Italian restaurant Croydon has almost any type of Italian food that you may be interested in included tender lamb shanks, seared scallops, roasted sea bass and so much more. The trained staff will ensure that you leave the place satisfied and looking forward to the next visit.

Versatile Menus


Through the years, Italian cooking is based on a simple principle of cooking food when it is fresh. As such, this is an Italian restaurant Croydon that will serve you cuisines that are made from fresh ingredients, which are in season. Did you know that most of the traditional dishes from Italy were discovered by peasants? This is what led to the firm principle of cooking what is in season, while it is still fresh.


As a result, you will find so many different items on the menu and recipes from the Northern and Southern regions in India. There are so many factors that contribute to the success of this Italian restaurant Croydon, with creativity being one of the main factors. The food here is classy; it is simple yet made to perfection.


Catering for Events


If you are an addict of Italian food, you can get the Italian restaurant Croydon cater or your events. Some of the events that you hire them to cater include:

  • Weddings
  • Corporate events
  • Business meetings
  • Parties and Banquets
  • Any other special occasion.


In essence, you do not have to be at an Italian restaurant Croydon to enjoy traditional Italian dishes that have been made to perfection. Aqua Mediterranean Meze Bar and Grill is committed to upholding the rich tradition of the Italian cuisines.


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