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Historical France has fought many battles by winning and losing its battles over the period. However, none was this exciting like the presidential election tightening the space around that targeted post of honour. 2017 is the time to bring a new change in the highly guarded and respected position of the country. For which several candidates are plotting the plan to achieve the ultimate success. But the judgement is carried out by the people of the France only. In this time of ultra-modernisation, everything has found its place in the world of internet and social media. This helps to spread the perfect knowledge about the topic in a firm way. That is why; here is a try to introduce the most powerful people of the country in a detailed way to help nationals get their thoughts at a right place.

Madame Martine Aubry

The daughter of ex-President of European Commission and Minister of Finance, Madame Martine Aubry is not the new face in the subject politics. This first secretory to French Socialist Party has crisscrossed towards the power for many times by holding different important positions. She battled the war of 2012’s presidential election with a defeat to President Hollande. The defeat came in exchange of the 57% votes on the account of the opponent Hollande. However, her plan is to re-run for the candidature again for the next time for which she has started her strategies already.

Emmanuel Macron

The Amien born young French politician aging 37 years Emmanuel Macron is managing the post of Minister of Economy, Industrial Renewal and Informational Technology under the supervision of Manuel Valls government. This ex investment banker is world famous for his high profile deal between Pfizer and Nestle during his tenancy. However, he is not new to the political picture of the France. Previously, he served his job as the Inspector of Finances under the French Ministry of Economy too.

Manuel Valls

This member of Socialist Party has boarded the train piloted by current President Francois Hollande in the year 2014 as Prime Minister of the nation. Manuel Valls is a Barcelona born child of Swiss mother and Catalan father. During his teenage life, he moved to France and became a member of French socialist Party at the age of 17. His approach and thinking has crowned him the mentioning of Social Liberal wing of Socialist Party. During 2012’s presidential election, he stood to battle against other candidates, which ultimately he lost at first primary round.

Francois Hollande

The candidate of Socilist Party Francois Nicolas Hollande or Hollande won France’s presidential election in 2012 by beating all his respective competitors by a huge margin. This long time Socialist Party leader has contributed several inputs in the French political history by managing several positions with succession. His born and brought up in a middle class family and his mother’s engagement as a social worker, made him join the battle of candidateship. His controversial private life has received several attention of the world during his tenure.




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