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As clichéd as it may sound, nobody is perfect. Even the celebrities we see on TV suffer from cases of acne, dry skin, oily skin, and uneven skin tone. This is the reason why, celebrities try as much as possible to always have their makeup on. So what’s their secret for looking fresh and au natural every single day?


A professional Geelong makeup artist would recommend ensuring that you always have eyeliner with you. Aside from ensuring that you have great eyebrows, your eyeliner is also a good way to either make your eyes pop or to make them smaller, depending on where you use them. Partnered with dark mascara, eyeliners can help highlight your eyes and make them appear sexier. You can also make use of an eye shadow for a more sultry effect.


It is also a good idea to always have a tube of lipstick with you. Even a loose powder for your face, when partnered with the right kind of lipstick, can keep you looking like a celebrity for a number of hours. In emergency cases, you can even use your lipstick in order to add some color on your cheeks or to act as a temporary eye shadow.


A concealer is also a must have for any Geelong makeup artist. This nifty makeup can help hide skin imperfections as well as even out your skin tone. If you are the type who easily gets an eye bag, a concealer can help your eyes look fresh in a matter of minutes. Concealer can also make sure that your makeup sticks to your skin well.


Of course, you should also have with you a bronzer. Although some girls can do without this, especially those who have naturally rosy cheeks, a bronzer is still something that can help highlight your cheekbones and give your face a shape. A professional mobile makeup artist Geelong would recommend that you make sure you get one that matches your skin color. In some cases, bronzers come in different shades. The darker ones are typically used in the hollows of your cheek while the lighter shades are used to highlight the apples of your cheeks.


Now, if you are the type who suffers from perpetually oily skin, having a face powder or loose powder in your makeup kit is a must. Any of these two can help absorb the oil on your face. An alternative would be to have oil control films that you can use anytime your skin has gotten oily.


Keep in mind, however, that, the health of your skin plays a major part on how well a makeup would look on you. As what a professional mobile makeup artist Geelong has would tell you, you have to make sure that you eat right and drink plenty of water in order to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. It also pays to get enough sleep. Moisturizing your skin and making sure of a sun block can also keep your skin from getting damaged. Every now and then, go for a facial to ensure that you do not have blackheads or whiteheads.



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