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Everyone is busy with their professional life, and hardly anyone has any time to work out in this hectic schedule. So, while it may seem difficult to continue your sportive hobbies, you can look for other avenues for that. For example, if playing tennis was your favourite thing in college, then you must have thought about continuing it in your leisurely hours. Flex tennis has brought it to you so that you can enjoy your game whenever you can get some time out of your schedule. It helps to keep you in shape and your mind fresh, without any worries.

These games come in league format. Flexible tennis league are composed of four variants. The most obvious one is the singles round that continues through four seasons. You can choose your timing, and you will get matches according to it. The better you play, the more is the chance of progressing in the game. If your enthusiasm takes you further, you can arrange a partner. If you know a friend or a colleague who is equally interested in tennis and prefers his leisure to spend playing, you can take part in doubles. If your partner is female, you can enjoy the facility of playing mixed doubles.

Of course, not everyone is interested in playing tournaments. You can simply enjoy individual or partnered friendly matches in the form of singles, doubles or mixed doubles. You can get scores from each match and then keep a track of your statistics compared to others. It is a good alternative to playing season long tournaments if you don’t have the assurance of being present there all the time. Each of these tournaments has cash prizes at stake and trophies to win. So, enjoy your game with a competitive spirit. You never know, you may turn yourself into a professional tennis player.

There are certain rules for playing the game though. Firstly, the playing level is governed by NTRP levels and hence, you should know that. You can go to NTRP website, and you will find guidelines. You can click here to read it and understand your level. If you already have a level, then you should play at that level for improvement and competitive games. Hence, choosing your opponent is an important task. The matches are scheduled on a weekly basis. So, once you know you have a free week ahead, you can book your matches.

The matches go on to season ends, and there may be an extension of a week due to various issues. It happens because some players are more available during the season ends. If you cannot schedule your match till the end of the season while the others can, the opponent will take away the winning points. One side gets the designation of the home in each match, and that side has the responsibility of balls, court booking and other fees. The selection of the home player varies through the season. After each match, both sides confirm the entered scores. You can go through the scoring details in the guidelines for further information.



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