Fix Mobile Usability Problems As Soon As You Can

Mobiles users are the biggest number of internet users in modern times. The number of mobiles has far surpassed by the number of PCs and laptops that access the internet every day. Google notified all websites that they have to correct all such issues immediately. Otherwise, the ranking of the site on search results will go down. To correct the issues, you have to first identify what they are before you can solve them. In any case, you do not have any other to solve the issues, the sooner, the better.

The reason that you need to fix mobile usability is because it affects the ranking of your website. Anyone can tell you that the experience of the user is very important in SEO. Google wants every user to have the best experience so that the user continues to use its search engine to browse the internet. For that, the rankings of websites should be high enough, so that the users can find them easily. If the ranking goes down because of usability issues, then users will hardly visit your website. 

The first option you have to use to fix usability is “Webmaster Tools Mobile Usability” option. The issues that may affect your site are missing viewpoint, and flash content. It also includes tiny fonts that are marked.It may also be the size of content differing from the size of viewpoints, and clickable buttons or links which are close. It can also be fixed-width viewports. If you sign on to your account, you will be shown the full mobile usability report. Next, you have to go to the “PageSpeed Insights Load Tool.” You can view the time for loading by this tool. You can specifically know what is taking more time with the help of this tool. It also tells you how to fix the problem.

Go to search Traffic button of the Mobile Usability navigation bar after logging into Google Webmaster Tools. You can take note of theerrors that occurred related to usability and note down all pages that have errors. Make a plan on how to fix these errors. You can go through the Web Fundamentals from Google, which teaches you how to resolve usability issues. You can also learn the basics such as design, layouts, principles, performance and many other things from this guide.

Once you have got information on the correct usage on mobile usability fix options, you have to start resolving the issues one by one. Alter the site templates and pages to start the fixing process. It will improve mobile utility a lot. After changing each or page test it withPageSpeed Insights tool to find out whether the change has been good or bad. Your overall score can improve with any update. Consequently, your overall ranking will also improve in search results. The volume of search is increasing with the rising number of people who start using the mobile to browse the sites on the internet. The website will enjoy heavy traffic if you can provide a better user experience.



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