Famous NBA STAR AC Green¡¯S Championship Rings Were Stolen

The recent report from Times reports tell us that the championship rings of former Lakers star AC Green have been stolen and the local police already take into this affair. As the introduction of famous custom ncaa champions rings online seller ringofchampion.com, the thief of this news may be temporary porters.

It is indeed that the championship ring should be the highest dream and honor for each athlete on the NBA playing ground. This event should be very great shock for this AC Green.

The official of the local police had said that each costing for AC Green¡¯s lost three championship rings would be about 25,000 USD. The total value of these stolen rings is about 75,000 USD. From the survey, we could know that the championship ring was stolen when the AC Green employ the temporary worker to handle the cabinets things.

AC Green said that his championship rings all have diamonds and engraved with the name of him and his jersey number. If you also want to get the same championship rings in the replica version, please visit website www.ringofchampion.com.

AC Green had been selected by Lakers in 1985 and he had entered into the NBA All-Star in 1990. He had continuously taken part into 1192 games from November 19, 1986 to April 18, 2001, which has created the NBA record. His career has included a total of 14 seasons, playing times 1278 and only three without appearances. His appearance rate has reached to 99.8 percent. He is well known as the Iron Man.

In his three stolen championship rings, there were included the championship ring which he had wined it in 1987¡¯s Lakers. In this year, he had follow with Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar beaten the Celtics. The custom championship rings have also included Green followed Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal defeated the Pacers in 2000.

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