Essential Tips When Sharing Your Tourist Videos

Your travel regardless if it is a long holiday vacation or a quick weekend break requires a careful planning.  Unless you are travelling to visit a family member or due to a corporate event, you will definitely need some essential tips related with trips.  You will need to pack essential items in order to prepare for some situation.  You will also need to update your friends and families about your travel.  It will definitely be a shame if you cannot share your best pictures.


Ways to Share Your Tourist Media


Here are some ways on how you can conveniently and effectively share the defining moments of your travel.


Organise Your Digital Content


Photo sharing and social media platforms are like the modern version of our photo albums.  This means that you need to be organised when sharing your tourist videos or pictures online.  The services provided by these platforms are generally free and has a very huge data storage capacity.  It is more than just a place where you can store your best pictures.  It is also an opportunity for you to share your work and engage with a group or community who shares your same interest in travel or perhaps photography.  For instance, Flickr has a travel category with more than 10,000 communities.  They have dedicated forum sites, reviews, video tutorials, tips and guides related to travelling.  Their online platform will help you to organise, share, edit or store your travel pictures.


Create a Blog


Another great way to share tourist media not only to your family and friends but to the entire world would be to start your travel blog.  You can make your blog simple and personalised by sharing your daily travel activities, or you can make it complex and sophisticated by sharing multimedia components.  You may also start a photoblog (also known as fotoblog) where you can highlight tourist video, images, and other digital content.


Moblog It


Moblog is short term for mobile blogging.  It allows you to share your best pictures while you are on the go which is ideal for those who love to travel.  It is as simple as taking a picture of your travel and sharing that image using your mobile gadget.  Major phone manufacturers have inked a partnership with social media platforms to give you a convenient way to share your pictures and videos.




In case you have some amazing footage of your travel experience, and you want to share it with everyone, you can do this by starting a vlog.  Vlogging which is a term used for video blogging is the sharing of your tourist video content online.  Stickam, Yahoo video, Google Video, YouTube, and break are just some of the renowned platforms that offer vlogging.  They also come with inherent features that allow you to organise and edit your clips.


Tell the story of your trip by sharing your tourist video and best pictures to your audience.  Find a striking balance between the fun and mystery of your travel experience when broadcasting your media content.



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