Escape Games For Team Building Activities Singapore To Build Team Bonding

Every corporate house wants to come out on top with their products or services. It is their dream to synchronize a team of people to move like clockwork. The team has to be the best in business, and the business has to be at the top of the industry. Keeping this in mind, the corporate houses are forever looking to train their employees so that everybody in the whole organization understands each other perfectly well so that they can perform at the highest efficiency levels. The corporate houses believe that this is possible only by holding team building exercises regularly.

To achieve this goal, the corporate houses have assigned the job of holding escape games to various companies who are experts at devising and conducting escape games to benefit team building activities singapore. The concept of these games is to bring people from different walks of life to a common place and in a group.  Such a team is made to go through various activities that foster bonding between them. The members of the group combine each other’s strength to solve problems to escape from the room. They have to look for hidden clues that can help them to solve puzzles.

The communication skills of each member are put to the test as they try to share their knowledge during team building games and listen to others instead of only speaking for themselves. They can break away from the silo concept that they have been following till now by interacting with each other. This is a very good opportunity when members can show their skills in providing leadership and work as a team that they already possess. The teams can be of varying sizes from a group of five to a group of fifty. A large group of people can be broken up into some groups and asked to compete against each other.  

There are two main types of team building games singapore that can be used to build teamwork and leadership skills. The first type is off-site team building exercise that is held at stadiums and, function room, or the premises belonging to the client.  The themes of games are proposed by the client and executed by the company that is conducting the games. The idea behind this exercise is to divide the participants into groups for solving different puzzles that be spread all over the space that is being used for the games. As each team can solve one puzzle, it moves up to the next round and so on. It goes on until the final mystery is solved. The duration of these games is normally 2 hours, but the client can also suggest any duration.

The other type of escape game that is conducted by the expert companies is on-site games that are recommended for groups ranging from five to eighty persons. The location for holding these games is “Scape” or “Kandahar Street” in Singapore. You can choose any theme from the five available, and the participants will have to solve the mysteries to escape from the rooms.



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