Do Not Forget Your Face Shape When Choosing The Wedding Ceremonies

May 31, 2015-America-Wearing the beautiful wedding and become the most beautiful bride in the wedding ceremony is dream of each girl. If girls want to get most attractive performance in the wedding ceremony, the wedding accessories are also very necessary in addition to the wedding dresses and make up. So, how could brides better decorate tem with the suitable accessories? Today, the famous wedding dresses online seller will tell people how to better choose the wedding accessories by the related face shape.

Oval shape face

Those brides who own this kind of face shape are suitable for wearing the little thin and rough sets of chain or LASH chain as they will give people the feeling of quiet, rich, ripe and soft.

Rectangular face

This girl could choose the buttons and aural style earrings which have large area and very eye-catching as the big size earring could help to increase the width of the face. On the other hand, people should be best to wear short chain, collar or the necklace with large hanging arc as it can modify the shape of face.

Round face

The round face girls are suitable for wearing the elongated V-necklace chain. Furthermore, the small and bright solitaire earrings is also the tailor-made for the round face brides as it could let bride's face become more slender. In addition, round face brides could also wear the falling earrings which could both modify face and enhance the lively and clear feel.

At last, the editor from the famous jovani prom dress online hope each bride could pay more attention to the selection of the wedding ceremonies.


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