Cussic Watch Promoted Their Newly Wooden Watch Brand

Maybe most of people have heard about the wooden watches from famous online seller This online platform always releases the strange watches which also include their main products wood watch. Recently, this company also released newly wooden watch which will display the time by text type on the screen rather than the hands and numbers.

This idea came from a 15-year-old boy who sprouted this idea at last year's Japanese watch design competition. The watch is used to display all the digital time by the letters. The text will have the effect of glimmering.

This watch has also equipped with the liquid crystal display and stainless steel case. On the other hand, the strap of this watch also adopt the 100% pure natural wood materials. At the same time the LCD screen background also provides three different settings of colors which namely are blue, green and pink. Coupled with the black stainless steel case, the wholly atmosphere of this product is very beautiful.

Currently, the price of this wooden watches has been set between 80 dollars to 109 dollars. The consumer can select different textures and colors of the strap at the time of purchasing. If people want to get more information about this product, please do not hesitate to visit website

About Cussic watch

wood watch by cussic are handcrafted from natural wood and best movement to make wooden watches be the style, unique timepiece                                                 





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