Imagine how wonderful your dream house will look and feel when you have a comfortable temperature within but the heating and cooling system is out of the sight. It can only be possible if you install an efficient Geothermal Heating & Cooling system in your house. As an owner you do not have to know a lot about its efficiency, maintenance and the working procedure. The air all around smells and feels fresh along with the natural beauty of the place and the chirping of the birds as your home shares the energy with the earth just as the way the trees do.

This vision can be a reality with Geothermal Heating Cooling as it takes the advantage of the subterranean temperature of the earth beneath and provide you with the cooling in summer and heating in winter. The philosophy behind the working of such system is that though the temperature outside changes with the change in seasons the underground temperature does not do so as dramatically as the temperature of the air. It is due to the insulating property of the earth which is utilized in geothermal temperature regulation.

Within a depth of four to six feet under the ground the temperature remains constant throughout the year.The earth loop which consists of a system of pipes in the outdoor unit of the geothermal system is buried underground and a pump to reinjection well capitalizes on the constant temperature of the earth to provide a constant flow of free energy.These pipes are made of polyethylene which can be buried vertically or horizontally as your Aeroseal Service Provider may deem it fit according to the characteristic of the terrain. They may also build an open loop system if there is an aquifer around.

During the winter, the circulatingfluid absorbs the stored heat of the ground and carries it through the pipes to the indoors. This het is then compressed to generate high heat and is then distributed to the whole building. During summer the process works just in the reverse where the heat from your house is sucked through the pipes to the reinjection well to dump it into the cooler aquifer. It does not burn any fossil fuel making it safe and green and you just need electric power to operate the fan and compressor. This also enables you to keep your system energy efficient and also keep your utility bill low.

As these geothermal systems need little or no maintenance you do not have to bank too much on a technician and hire a contractor regularly for the upkeep. If you simply install it, which is a critical aspect, by a qualified technicians like those in Aeroseal Columbia Sc you can enjoy years of comfortable living in your house irrespective of the weather outside. As the unit’s fans, compressor, pump and the loop are well protected from the harsh weather, it can last for decades, even generations if you simply change the filters and clean the coils periodically which is the only maintenance required for geothermal units.


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