Choosing the Best Hotels in Dubai

Choosing the perfect place to stay in Dubai is an easy task only if you know the layout of the city. There are high-end hotels that are situated near the awe-inspiring beaches of the city; there are those that are nestled in the heart of the city near the major upscale shopping boutiques.  Your travel experience can be very comfortable and worthwhile when you choose the best hotels.  Dubai offers a diverse set of hotels that are ideal for different kinds of travellers.


List of the Best Hotels in Dubai


Dubai is composed of a huge range of places to stay, however, most of them are generally aimed for people who are prepared to spend money.  There are decent choices for the mid-range but virtually nothing for the budget travellers.


Armani Hotel


This is considered as the first ever hotel of Giorgio Armani and have been opened last 2010 in the world’s tallest building, Burj Kalifa.  It is situated on the first 39 floors of the amazing structure which embodies the same style of the fashion line of Armani.  It is predominantly mahogany and stone, neutral and sharp shades that emanate masculinity.  This is one of the best hotels Dubai that will give you the enthralling view of the Dubai Fountain which shoots a 150-meter high water.


Palm Dubai


For those who are planning to stay at the furthest point in the island, you might want to consider the Palm Dubai when you book hotel.  Dubai has an amazing set of scenery and shore lines that are located near this hotel.  It is also renowned for its restaurants that are offering international and local cuisine that will give you a complete gastronomic experience.


Fairmont Dubai

For your corporate travels, you might want to look for hotels in Dubai that are situated near the business district; the Fairmont is one of the best hotels Dubai that you should consider.  It has more than 34 floors that are comprised of 394 rooms and complete amenities such as swimming pool where you will see a great perspective of the city and the gym that is equipped with state-of-the-art equipments.


Al Maha Resort


A short ride away from the city centre and you will reach Al Maha Resort.  Each suit is designed with Bedouin style that is also equipped with private swimming pool and various facilities to support your activities.  They have a restaurant that offers a personalised service that is quite fantastic like the city.  It is one of the best hotels in Dubai that you should consider if you want to have a refreshing and relaxing vacation in Dubai.


All hotel deals dubai are graded by the government based on the star-rating framework which is comparable to the worldwide scene.  It is also the home of the first ever 7-star hotel which has also become a prime tourist landmark of the country.  Prepare to spend a significant amount of cash when choosing an accommodation in Dubai.


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