Chinese Martial Arts – Your Way To Self Defence

Martial Arts have been popular since a very long time, as the best way to defend yourself from sudden attacks. There are many situations in your life, when you have to face circumstances that will need you to handle your attacks. In such a situation, the only thing that can help you is the 武術 – Wushu Martial Arts. They are the traditional most art forms that have been practiced by the monks in China in the Shaolin temple in the Henan state.

Choosing the right form:

Chinese martial arts are many in number and offer the learners the option to choose the form that they consider the most suitable for them. However, there is one factor that is common in most of these and that is the factor of balance of life energy within one’s own self. Each of the ancient martial art form helps to create a sense of balance and come to peace with one’s own self. Whether you choose )功夫 – Kung Fu or any other form, you must learn to be peaceful at your mind and heart and through meditation and absolute calm, you have to keep your body aligned.

The origin:

太極 – Tai chi is one basic form of these Chinese forms of martial arts. Although its origin dates centuries back, it is still practiced in many of the martial arts institutes and is one of the most popular arts. People, not only within China, but also from around the globe, choose this art as their way to self defence. That is the reason; there have been various institutes that have come forward to teach the興趣班- Interest Groups this art of defence.

Reasons to choose these institutes:

Although there are various institutes that broadcast themselves as teachers of authentic Chinese martial arts, it is not the fact. This art form requires a thorough learning and dedication of the self and the entire life in the procedure to find peace and excel in the various options or forms of it. One such form is 舞獅 – Lion Dance that is quite difficult to learn.

The basic problem is that as only the masters can teach the proper procedures and help in achieving this art form, people must choose an institute where pure and traditional form is taught. Most of these traditional martial art institutes, teach traditional 養生功 – Qigong through expert monks. These monks have dedicated their lives and made martial art as their way of life. Spending in the toughest of monasteries high up on the mountains, where dedication, meditation and strict control over one’s own self has made them the most efficient and trustworthy way to learn the traditional modes and techniques of self defence. From women to men, from children to aged people, there is always one or the other option available for people to learn these forms of martial arts. The best part is that, true Martial Arts always stay with you, no matter how old you grow.


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