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It has been demonstrated that degradation at the site of injection of GHRH after subcutaneous administration is extremely rapid. The estimated amount in the circulation after subcutaneous injection was only 4% of that obtained after intravenous administration. It is rapidly metabolized in the plasma, as a result of the Ala-Asp (at the 2nd & 3rd position respectively) peptide bond cleavage by dipeptidylpeptidase IV leading to the inactive Growth Hormone Releasing Fragment of amino acids 3–29. As a consequence those clinical studies that show longer term benefit and elevated GH & IGF-1 rely on Sermorelin dosages measured in milligrams not micrograms. Therefore analogs of GHRH have been created that decrease the vulnerability of GHRH in plasma. In particular an amino-acid substitution is made at the 2nd position to reduce the very quick cleavage that normally would occur.

One such analog is CJC-1295, which you can buy now in Australia through this site. Because of 5 amino acid substitutions it will not rapidly metabolize in plasma and will make its way to the pituitary where it will effect growth hormone release. Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides, available to buy online in Australia through this site, are modulating peptides (analogs of the hormone Ghrelin). They bind to their own receptor in the hypothalamus & pituitary and they initiate a GH pulse (or wave). They do this in part by minimizing the influence of the inhibiting hormone, Somatostatin (-) and increasing the influence of the positive hormone GHRH (+), in addition to their own distinct action of effecting GH release from cells in the pituitary. cjc1295 without dac to get develop your growth hormone secretagogue. Buy online now in Australia to increase body mass and healing capacity.

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