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The historical backdrop of Ethiopia is extremely fascinating to say the least. It is actually one of the most seasoned nations on the planet with the earliest proof of its presence doing a reversal as far as 1000 BC. It is the second most populous nation in Africa with a population of in excess of 78 million. Ethiopia is placed on the tip of the African continent and is surrounded by many countries including Kenya, Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan and Djibouti.


The historical backdrop of Ethiopia is viewed as, important by historians as far and wide as possible as the nation is viewed as the place where humans advanced. The most seasoned remains of human ancestors were found in the Awash Valley in Ethiopia. These remains were at least five million years old at the time of disclosure. This beautiful nation found in the horn of Africa is marked by rough mountains, far reaching Savannah grasslands and perpetually flowing lakes and streams. Ethiopia's placement in the Rift valley that shows cases volcanic lakes and great escarpments.

With traditions and a captivating society that has existed well past 3000 years, Ethiopia is a tourist problem area. The nation has an overall safeguarded history that hobbies various people the world over. The Afar area of Ethiopia is also known as the earliest known cradle of mankind.

Ethiopia tours attractions incorporate Africa's longest cave SOF Omar. Dallol makes up one of Earth's most sizzling places that are inhabited. Tis Isat, the Blue Nile, as it is known gives a breath taking water fall see and is easily one of the nation's best tourist attractions. The Omo valley however uninhabited holds more than 4 million years of historical background with primate remains found in it. The Ethiopian society embodies 70 ethnic gatherings each speaking an autonomous language. The Ethiopian Orthodox church is an important part of the Ethiopian society and it includes it leader and customs.

The most ancient city in Ethiopia, Axum, has a long historical background dating back to 3000 years ago. The biblical Ark of the Covenant is said to have been laid on the sixteenth century St. Mary of Zion Cathedral's sanctuary. Symbols and historical crowns of past heads adorn the greater part of the monasteries and temples of Axum. The ancient heavenly city Harar has the historical background of being a trading focus. The city has 99 mosques and is the fourth holiest city in the Islamic religion. The city is the source for more creative handicraft items which woven materials, silverware and bound books.

Various the nations’ tourists’ attractions can be easily located along the roads of Addis Ababa. Lodgings, restaurants, tour companies, gifts shops are also found inside the capital. Inns that cater for the whole tours plan are very favored and satisfy tourist's expectations. Ethiopia is accessible via various airlines such as Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Sudan Airways, Egypt Air, British airways, Lufthansa, Yemen Airways and Saudi. So make sure to visit the country of Ethiopia and have a lot of fun.



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