Best 5 Things to Do in Spain

Spain is one of the best places that have a lot of breath taking places and eye-catching attractions that any ideal tourist would find worth visiting. Besides having compelling and attractive places, you would enjoy some of the cultural and traditional things like food and festivals. You can enjoy water surfing, visit the white sand beaches and ensure that you have a drink in the fancy modern restaurants. Whether you would go to Madrid, Barcelona, Servile or Balboa, they all contain thrilling amenities that can amaze you. There are a lot of things to do in Spain; the activities are determined by the aim of your tour. 


  1. Eat Traditional Tapas


If you are a food enthusiast who wants to explore delicious new menus, please make it a compulsory that you taste this aromatic food. This food is made from traditional ingredients including sea food and some special kind of doughnuts and salads. Every step used in the making of this food is meant to make it aromatic and delicious therefore you should have a taste of it. It is found in the local bars and restaurants.


  1. Alhambra in Granada


Your 13 Euros entrance would not go in vain because this place offers one of the best mesmerising views. Its green compound and the ancient outstandingly designed buildings make it among the best places to be. The place overlooks the whole city of Granada, and it acts as a view point where people can look at the enchanting beauty of the Granada town. Your spain travel  trip would not be fulfilling without setting a foot in this place.


  1.  Nevada Mountains


If you love skiing and beach life, this place offers all of them. The White Mountains are known to be the best places where people can ski all day and get the complete happiness. Enjoy playing on the white sand and the cool environment because the place is well maintained to offer maximum luxury to all the tourists who happen to visit there.


  1. Gaudi’s architecture


Cassa Batllo and Park Guell are among the most thrilling Gaudi’s architectural designs that are located in Barcelona. They are made with compelling features and located in most of the scenic grounds. If you are looking for what to do in Spain, visiting these places would be among the best things to do. Most of the designs are regarded as national monuments and architectural landmarks that are important to Barcelona.


  1. The Camp Nou


The Home for Barcelona football club could be a source of joy and entertainment. Go and find out where the football stars grew up and what they are actually doing to ensure that they maintain their victory. Learn the history of the club and take a look at their museum.


The things to do in Spain differ from city to city, but you can plan well to avoid getting confused on where to visit when you reach Spain.





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