Attacks On Immigrant Africans- A Recent News

It is a very tragic and awful situation, to be heard about those 5 people who have died during the attacks on foreigners last week. This not only affects the image of the people of the South Africa, but also affects the business coming from the foreigners over here. The violence against these immigrants and looting of their shops in the Johannesburg, is something which is very shameful and due to this, 4 foreigners and 3 South Africans were dead. This public relations disaster is really affecting the wealth, stability, image and freedom of the South Africa, which should not be done at all.

The complete incident

Most of the shops and immigration owned businesses have been looted and then burnt out the whole shop to the ashes. Well, this is for the first time that here these people attacks on immigrant Africans, which really not a good sign for other foreigners living over there.

The actual reason for this incidence is expecting due to a Zulu King named of Godwill Zwelithi’s utterances launched this spate of Xenophobic Attacks In South Africa. Thus, people followed the same approaches and attacked on foreigners badly and without remembering the humanity and kindness. After this incidence, a lot of foreigners have been rescued and in the protection of the police force, in order not to happen this incidence again. As well as, all the uniformed students went home immediately to be saved and not to be harmed due to this incidence.   

Due to Xenophobic Attacks, people over there are very unrest and public relation goes worst and damaged a lot. Now, it has been estimated that, it would be very hard, to maintain those national and international public relation again. As, now most of the foreign visitors, hardly believe on the people of the South Africa, after this shameful incidence.

Most of the biggest leaders, including Ban Ki-moon, the secretary-general of the United Nations, expressed his condolences to the families of affected people and urge to stop this kind of activities, for the sake of the goodwill, image and freedom of the people including- local and foreign folks.

A full security force is there, which are monitoring each and every activities of the people over here and trying their level best to stable the situation along with the commitment of not to happen this kind of issues, again in the future. As, it is all about the dignity of the country, which all of the residents of the same place, must understand and should work out in a good manner. The best thing would be to provide full support and great facilities to all the foreigners who are studying and working here, so that at least a good start can be rendered over here, and in few days, months or years, everything would be settled down, soon and will be back on the track once again.



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