Amazing Things to do in Lüderitz

There is so much happening inside Lüderitz that is enough to make a seasoned traveller occupied for a couple of days.  From the awe-inspiring architecture, world-class festivals and sightseeing opportunities that is a result of the profound and rich culture and history of the place.  Here are some of the best things to do in Lüderitz that will allow you to completely immerse yourself in the local culture and tradition.

Top Things to Do in Lüderitz

From the historical sites to the colourful festivals, here are some of our recommendations of the things to do and places to visit in Lüderitz.

Visit the Historical Sites

The town of Lüderitz has a lot of historical landmarks.  Most hotels in Lüderitz and town centres have comprehensive resources on the town’s history.  There are numerous memorials that you can visit in the place such as Cornelius Fredericks, Adolph Luderitz, and Heinrich Vogelsang.   There are also lots of structures with German Architectural style that surrounds the town that was erected during the German occupation.  Some of these buildings have a historical significance such as the Woerman Linie and the Goerke Haus.  Just a short drive away from the main city and you will see Dias Cross, this is a must-see attraction.  Visiting Dias Cross is one of the things to do in Lüderitz that you shouldn’t miss.

Wild Horses

Your visit to Namibia will not be complete without seeing the wild horse of Namibia.  These wild horses have fascinated a lot of tourists, and most of them are surprised on the fact that they are freely roaming the extensive deserts just to reach Lüderitz.  They have earned their rights to live freely at the vast Namibian desert away from the threat of the human civilization. 

Visit Lüderitz’ Coastal Areas

The beaches and the coastal areas situate at Lüderitz is more than amazing.  Picnicking at the shallow and pristine, turquoise beach is one of the things to do in Lüderitz.  The place remains isolated from the huge influx of the tourists.  You will definitely appreciate the isolated splendour of their beaches and coast line.  Some coastal areas also serve as a conservation area for the migratory birds and have played a major role in the world’s ecosystem. 

Enjoy the Colourful Festivals

Lüderitz is also the home of the most colourful festivals such as the Crayfish Festival that occur every Easter and have been attracting thousands of visitors annually.  It is a yearly celebration of the country’s rich marine life.  The primary objective of this Festival is to amplify the local enterprise industry and attract major investors.    The town also serves as the host for some sporting events such as the Speed Challenge.  It is a 6-week water sporting events that is being held during the month of October or November.  Attending the colourful festivals would be some of the top things to do in Lüderitz.

Lüderitz is considered as the diamond of Namibia due to numerous reasons.  The various tourist attractions and the things to do in Lüderitz are just a few reasons why they are considered as an African gem.


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