Amazing Places To Visit In Las Vegas

Regardless if you are visiting Las Vegas for its world renowned casinos or for the shotgun wedding, this place has lots of opportunities to help you realise your goal.  From the best restaurants that are serving the world-class dishes, the Vegas shows, and the prime Las Vegas attractions, the sin city has it all that is enough to make your jaw drop.  Be amazed on the incredible things to do in Las Vegas.


Top Las Vegas Attractions


Here are some of the major destinations and the things that you can do once you travel to Las Vegas.  The list below will help you guarantee that you will have a complete immersion on the life offered by the city.


Bellagio Fountain


There are numerous free things to do in Las Vegas, but the only thing that is worth your time is the Bellagio Fountain.  Starting 3pm to midnight, the lake measuring a total of 8.5 acre that is equipped with approximately 1, 214 spritzers will explode in an incredible water shows where the water will dance through the music by shooting water up in the air.  It is quite a spectacle to watch that is frequented by hundreds of tourists every day.


Watch the Cirque du Soleil


Despite the fact that the Cirque du Soleil is highly inspired by the French Canadian foundation and it is relatively expensive, it is still a great thing to watch composed of cool acts that made it very Vegas.   They are commonly Olympic gymnasts who have completely transformed themselves into stage performers.  They are performing death-defying stunts while wearing unique costumes just to delight the audience.  Their shows are really great and have made them an integral part of the Las Vegas attractions.


The Buffet at Wynn


Perhaps the luxurious and intimate French breakfast that is being served by Payard Patisserie is one thing that you should experience.  However, it would be impossible to leave Vegas without experiencing the buffet breakfast offered by the local restaurants.  One of the best places to visit in Las Vegas to have a taste of the buffet breakfast would be Wynn.  The breakfast is truly an exceptional experience which will completely satiate your hunger.


Shark Reef Aquarium


Las Vegas is also a great destination for the family.  For those who want to see a large collection of marine species, visiting the Shark Reef Aquarium is one of the ideal things to do in Las Vegas.  Situated at Mandalay Bay where you will have to pay $16 to get an access and see komodo dragons, sharks, crocodiles, sea turtles and rays.  In case you choose to stay at the Mandalay Bay, they have a special channel for the Shark Reef where you can watch it live for 24 hours.


The 24 hours in a day will seem insufficient when you are trying to visit all the Las Vegas attractions.  There is definitely a reason behind the popular phrase ‘Only in Vegas’ which you will only understand once you visit the city of sin.


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