Aidan O’Connor Is A Young Musician And Aspiring Film-Game Composer

Aidan O’Connor is a young musician and aspiring film/game composer currently studying in Korea. He has been playing guitar for over 7 years, and has been a teacher of both guitar and music theory for over 2. In his words, “Music is my biggest passion. It’s one of the most powerful forces you can find out in the world, and it’s something that transcends culture, race, and time.”

Aidan currently works as both a private teacher of music theory and guitar technique, and as a composer for small projects and short films. He is always looking for bigger projects that could make use of his services though. He hopes to make a professional career out of film and game composing someday, and is always looking for ways to hone his talent and get his name out.

Instruments he plays include the guitar, piano, trumpet, Finnish kantele, and drums (drumset and cajon). His favorite instruments are guitar and piano, and he is currently looking to learn the alto saxophone. In his scores, he generally uses Steinberg’s Cubase 7.5, with various sound libraries by Cinesamples, Eastwest, Best Service, Native Instruments, and many more. He is also known to include live recordings of him playing both guitar and piano in his pieces.

Aidan frequently travels to other countries, as traveling is one of his biggest passions. Other hobbies outside of musical activities include photography, filming, and writing. But art in general is something Aidan O’Connor is very passionate about. He sees it as an important glance into the hearts of individuals, as no two artists of any field are ever exactly the same.

He can be contacted via for job offers or inquiries, and his website, contains many demos of his works, as well as many useful tutorials on music theory.



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