It is needless to say that Geothermal Heating & Cooling system is the most cost efficient, comfortable and eco-friendly way of living a stress free life. You can lower your energy and utility bills, live in a green home and at the same time enjoy the tax benefits and credits of geothermal systems. If you know about all the benefits and facts that geothermal systems have over the other HVAC systems, you will be compelled to install one in your home right away. Over the period of fifty years or so, the world has seen a steep rise in the usage of geothermal systems for the reasons of its own.

You may already know the about the working procedure of the geothermal systems where the temperature of the earth is used to regulate the temperature in your house. The temperature which remains more or less constant after a certain depth underground helps in the functioning of the system. But you may not know the benefits and advantages that this Geothermal Heating Cooling has over other traditional heating and cooling systems.

If you compare the efficiency directly then you will see that a traditional gas furnace can give you 0.96 units of heat for each unit of gas burned even at high efficiency. On the other hand, a geothermal system gives you about 5 units of heat for each unit of electricity consumed. It is because a gas furnace uses fossil fuel to generate heat for the purpose which is not required in a geothermal system. It generates its own heat by collecting the heat of the earth underground and moves it to the indoor unit. It is here where it is compressed and increased before distributing it throughout the house giving you the warm and comfortable feeling in a chilly winter.

You might now wonder that how can a geothermal unit cool your house effectively. The Aeroseal Service Provider can explain it to you that it is equally efficient in cooling during winter, only difference is it works in the reverse. To cool your house a traditional heat pump system of cooling takes out the heat from your home to the outside. But when the air outside becomes excessively hot your traditional system may not be able to remove all the heat from your house and dump it outside which is already hot resulting in low efficiency. But a geothermal system can suck all the heat from your home through the underground loop and pump it to the aquifer or injection well.

Moreover, as the geothermal unit is installed safely within your home with the underground loop outside, it reduces chances of vandalism, exposure to harsh weather conditions and damaging the beauty of your house.The direct consequence of this benefit is reflected in your monthly heating bill which is reduced considerably. Moreover, as these geothermal systems requires very little maintenance which you can often and periodically do it all by yourself, you do not need to call a technician from reputed firms like Aeroseal Columbia Sc for its maintenance and save a lot of money.



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