Advantages And Disadvantages Of Capacitive Pressure Sensor

May 17, 2015-America-Capacitive pressure sensor is one kind of commonly used pressure sensor during our daily life. Today, the famous pressure sensor will introduce with people the advantages and disadvantages of this device. Capacitive pressure sensors have the following advantages: First, it has high impedance and low power which is means that it only need low energy input to achieve the normally operation. Second, it has the availability to get large amount of change which has high signal noise ratio and system stability. Thirdly, this device has fast dynamic response and the operating frequency could be up to several megahertz and then the measured object can be conductors or semiconductors. Fourthly, this kind of capacitive pressure sensors or anti static bar has simple structure, high adaptability and it can work in harsh environments such as high temperature, high radiation and others. That is why this device could have such widely application in our daily life. With the development of electronic technology and computer technology, the capacitive pressure sensors¡¯ disadvantages such as easy influence by distributed capacitance has been eventually overcame. That is why it could be widely used in non-power measurement and automatic detection. This device could help to measure pressure, displacement, speed, acceleration, A, thickness, liquid level, humidity, vibration, ingredients and other parameters. In a words, the capacitive pressure sensors have good prospects for future development.The main disadvantage of the capacitive pressure sensors could be concluded into the following tips. First, it has high output impedance and the load capacity is relatively poor.Second, the output characteristic is in the nonlinear feature. Thirdly, there is large influence of its parasitic capacitance.


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