5 Best Attractions of Lebanon

Lebanon is located in the Western Asia with a population of close to 5 million people. It is a republic of its known despite the fact that its population is small. There are so many Lebanon attractions that tourists can visit and enjoy because the place is well developed and enriched with a lot of amenities. Because it has a lot of cities that you can tour, it would be good to ensure that you choose a city that has what you want. Generally, the below places are known to be epitomes of luxury and attractiveness in Lebanon.


  1. Gibran Museum


This museum was named after the great poet, Gibran whose body was buried in this area. It is located on the sloppy mountains of the rocky areas of the Eastern town. There are a lot of artworks that are enshrined in this place, and besides, the beautiful brown rocks and the green compounds makes the place very charming and fulfilling.


  1. Baalbek


This monument stands at 53km away from the Beqaa Valley which is known to be a very fertile and attractive land. The ancient architectural stone buildings and the special structures makes the place among the best ones to tour in. It was a religious centre before, and people used to worship here because most of the churches and shrines were contained in this region. It is by far one of the best of Lebanon tourist attraction sites. It was later turned into a pagan city by the residents.


  1. Ksara


Founded in 1857, no other synonymous beer or wine company has broken the record of this vineyard. A lot of traditional wines have been produced, and people from across the world have visited the place to enjoy the delicious and aromatic wines. The malts and hops are mixed in a professional way to produce handcrafted beers and wines that meet the taste requirements of the drinkers. It was set in the Bekaa Valley, and it is known to be 3,300 feet of size. Visit it and witness what people have been travelling from far to taste.


  1. Byblos


Even those who are known to be the oldest people of Lebanon, the Phoenicians, are known to call this place old. This is a modern city of Lebanon that is known to have been in existence since 1,200 BC, and it enshrines some of the beautiful but epic structures. You can enjoy boating in the beautiful lakes and ensure you take time to visit the Mediterranean beaches. Cafes and restaurants are scattered everywhere so that you can grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine if you want.


  1. National Museum of Beirut


If you are looking for things to do in Beirut, this is among the best places you can visit. It enshrines a lot of artworks and historical galleries that would make your time very wonderful and make you learn a lot of things about Lebanon. From wildlife structures, political structures to public figures monuments, this museum can real serve you to your satisfaction. It’s typical inner brown are enchanting, and you would be pleased by the way things are perfectly arranged inside.


Lebanon is full of towns and cities that contain different types of recreational amenities. Visit the cities that have the features which you know will give you the best experience and fulfil your travel purpose.


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